Q. Why are your group sizes smaller than some others?

A. Gene prefers working with smaller groups for two main reasons. Read David Cree’s testamonial to get an idea about why smaller groups are a strength for Gene. However, the main reason is Gene believes it is easier to get premier images, including images of singing warblers, with smaller group sizes. Larger group sizes may limit how close you can get to many species of warblers and how comfortable they will be for the photographic opportunity. You want to enjoy the group, but the main reason you are part of the group is for the shooting!

Q. Tell me about those images with more than one warbler.

A. Gene has a goal to photograph all the plumages of Eastern warblers, not just the stunning spring males. He saw a painting of a pair of Pine Warblers at an art show, and that piqued his interest. He briefly entertained the idea of learning how to draw and/or paint warblers together in pairs and groupings but soon realized that he had little interest in drawing or painting himself. Gene began to dream about using Photoshop to combine warbler pairs into the same image, and to even combine fall plumages together in one image. He began to work on further expanding his collection of warbler plumages as he better realized what was required to combine such images. You can see some of this Photoshop work on this website under RESOURCES. Gene has learned techniques/ways to increase the odds of photographing female warblers during his spring shooting.