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“He truly cares for these birds.”

Dr. Geno's knowledge and passion for warblers and photographing them is among the best I've seen. His ability to teach warbler photography is truly phenomenal. He can tell the exact time of the seasons based on the onset of the warbler migration. He has an uncanny ability to identify each of the species of warblers from among the dozens of sounds that one hears as a medley of songs in the woods. I am just lucky to have gotten to know him and to be coached by him. He truly cares for these birds. His pursuit of showcasing warblers in their natural habitat without encroaching into their habitat is worth emulating. He's quite unassuming and is a great teacher. Thank you, Doc!

— Venu Challa

“Gene's knowledge of Eastern warblers is now unmatched but by few.”

Having a shared interest in bird photography with another individual does not always guarantee your compatibility in the field. When I began about ten years ago doing bird photography with Gene Koziara, I knew that I found someone with the type of demeanor and disposition that could put up with my somewhat cantakerous personality! I knew this was going to be a gentleman with whom I could enjoy doing bird photography! Gene is a gem—after all, as a family practice physician for decades, he had to possess the type of personality to deal with all walks of humanity in his medical practice. Thus, no problem in dealing with me! LOL!

In his zeal for learning various birds, warblers really piqued Gene's interest the most over these past several years. I would say with confidence that Gene's knowledge of Eastern warblers is now unmatched but by few.

Over the past 10 years, I have done bird photography with Gene in Michigan, and on the Blue Ridge Parkway, as well as in Georgia. We have also birded Southeast Arizona, Dauphin Island in Alabama, Tennessee, and Manitoba, Canada in our quest to photograph all the warblers of North America. Gene, with much research and time in the field, knows where to locate the birds with his uncanny ability to hear them sing or discern their chip notes. He knows how to position a photography "set-up" with the sun to one's back, use flowering branches for perches (in season) and to ultimately call the birds in to perch where they can best be photographed with a nice, compatible background as well. He has also over the years skillfully mastered the post-processing of his many images for maximum artistic presentation. I have watched his bird images over the years grow from mediocre to magnificent!

With all that said, I would certainly not hesitate to recommend my friend Gene Koziara to any bird photographer, no matter their skill level, to go on one of his Warbler Photography workshops. You will not only enjoy his easy-going personality (and the beautiful birds), but I have no doubt that you will also receive expert guiding. You will learn a great deal about warblers that you never knew before. As a result, you should acquire first-rate bird images of what many call the 'butterflies of birds.”

— David Cree
Peachtree City, Georgia