Georgia Individual Workshops per half day deposit

Georgia Individual Workshops per half day deposit


TOUR DATES: Please contact WarblerWhisperer LLC for availablity between end of March 2020 through the first half of May 2020 prior to submitting payment. Price per half day is $250 and your deposit holds your date(s). See individual workshops for more information.

GROUP SIZE: One individual who can bring up to two others and any “others” pay half price if properly registered ahead of time.

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The remaining balance is due prior to beginning the workshop. Full day Georgia workshops are also available at $400 per day but those who live locally would probably get more value using half day workshops which do not need to be consecutive days. Half day workshops generally begin when morning light is adequate and may continue until light gets too harsh to work with which is generally late morning. If cloud cover allows for good light later into the morning than a half day session may be extended at no additional cost to the participant.